How to Protect Your Business From Addiction’s Effects

How to Protect Your Business From Addiction’s Effects

It may be the common feature of Hollywood movies, but addiction has a much larger impact on Australian businesses than you may see on the surface.

Addiction undermines Australian workplaces of all sizes. Organisations and their leaders are increasingly recognising the importance of providing professional and comprehensive support to staff at all levels.
Leaders often tell us that they struggle to read the signs of substance misuse in their workplace, and want to learn more about how to help when it is occurring. 
As business owners, HR managers, and people in positions of power and responsibility, there is an important responsibility not only as an individual, but a responsibility and duty of care due to their role. 

How can a business leader look after their teams?

By ensuring your business has strong procedures, policies, and support systems in place before it’s urgently needed, you can offer your employees greater support when they need it most.
By working with experts like the team at Addiction Coaching Australia, you can ensure you have a proven support system at hand, with a thorough Employee Assistance Program on offer.

Why should you find support now?

As well as the risk mitigation that you achieve by forward-planning for addiction support in your business, you can position yourself as a forward-thinking and progressive business in your field.
Alongside these, you identify your business to potential and current employees as transparent, supportive, and ready to assist when needed.

Work with the experts

Addiction Coaching Australia’s coaches are qualified, empathetic, engaged, and offer proven and successful techniques to help you and your teams change your relationship to substance misuse and regain control of your life and choices.
With a continually innovating team and services based on lived experiences, ACAU develops programs to meet individual needs and have great success providing pathways for additional support for employees and teams.
We have co-designed a program with some of Australia’s best people leaders to help and support organisations through these unprecedented times.

To learn more, download our free whitepaper and register for one of our free webinars, found inside.

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