What is Addiction Coaching?

Addiction Coaching

What is Addiction Coaching?

Designed to help people regain control of their lives and overcome addiction, addiction coaching is a proven and modern alternative to traditional rehabilitation, designed to work in conjunction with modern life.

If you are busy with work, life and family and want to work through your substance misuse issue in a modern, private and ethical way then addiction coaching is a great alternative for you.

Who needs addiction coaching?

People of every demographic can struggle with addiction, often becoming increasingly talented at hiding their problems to any external observers.

Although it can be a big hurdle to admit to yourself and others that substance misuse has become a problem, it’s an essential step towards recovery.

How is addiction coaching different from traditional rehabilitation?

When most people picture ‘rehab’, they visualise the live-in facilities often shown in the media, and can feel intimidated by this concept – for many, it can feel like becoming ‘locked up’ and relinquishing control, which can serve as a negative as well as a positive.

Many people struggle with the concept of stepping away from their work, family, responsibilities, and commitments – all often required by residential rehabilitation facilities that can severely limit your opportunities and often fail due to a ‘culture shock’ involved when stepping back into your ‘usual life’ after treatment.

What different forms does addiction coaching take?

Different organisations offer different methods with wide-ranging levels of success. Addiction Coaching Australia is founded on lived experience with recovery, resulting in a flagship program: The Delta Path.

The Delta Path program offers a holistic approach to addiction treatment, with weekly coaching sessions, an online community and resources, daily check-in’s and accountabilities, and access to a dedicated team.

Designed as an effective alternative to ‘live-in’ and traditional rehabilitation, the program offers online and in-person addiction coaching, with tailored content.

What can you expect to achieve?

As with any recovery, addiction coaching requires you to be committed and willing to do the work. The program aims to help identify behaviours, characteristics, and patterns that affect your decision-making, and equip you with modern resources and tools to regain control of your life, relationships, and career, all delivered with empathy, care, and respect.

Has the Delta Path helped others recover?

As well as being inspired and moulded by founder Conrad Tracey’s own experiences with recovery and the rehabilitation industry, others have found the process and coaching essential to their own recovery.

“Working with Conrad has been a transformational experience for me. I started The Delta Path Program shortly after meeting with him and […] he may have just saved my life. Thank you Conrad!”

-Kyle – 36 Corporate Professional

If you’re interested in learning more about the Delta Path and how addiction coaching can assist your recovery, contact us today!