Why you still need support after leaving rehab

Why you still need support after leaving rehab

Residential rehabilitation is an important tool for many as they work to recover from their struggles with addiction and regain control of their life and choices.

While residential rehabilitation is effective for many, it can be incredibly difficult for people to adjust to the ‘outside world’ once they finish their time in the facility. 

A jarring transition

For many, the transition from the residential rehabilitation centre to the real world is a hard one – after living in a controlled environment for an extended period of time, many people feel out of control and unsure of what they are supposed to do when they’re back in their day-to-day life, especially when trying not to revert to previous toxic coping mechanisms.

Support is available

This feeling of loss and disorientation can be overcome with a range of forms of support after leaving rehab. Additionally to building your connections with friends and family, expert support from a team such as Addition Coaching Australia can help you have the best chance at long-term success. 

Finishing your time at a rehab centre requires you to rebuild a routine, manage finances, and manage all your time independently, and having a strong and specialised support system can help you succeed.

Lived, empathetic support with Addiction Coaching Australia

Addiction Coaching Australia offers a number of services to help support people as they just to their lives outside residential rehabilitation, offering an effective support network and community to help you feel continuously looked out for, capable of continued recovery, and understood by people with similar lived experiences.

Using these lived experiences, the team at ACAU have designed programs and support structures specifically for people who have completed residential rehab, are undergoing treatment in an outpatient facility, or are participating in intensive outpatient programs.

These programs provide structure and a focus on recovery that will help enable you to make important decisions and change your life for the better.
ACAU’s ‘Right Path’ recovery program includes access to our online community, daily check-ins and accountabilities, regular coaching, and access to 24/7 crisis calls, and much more.

If you’re wanting to learn more about what steps you can take to support yourself and give yourself the best chance of success following time in rehab, contact our specialist team today.

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