How Addiction Coaching Has Helped Australians Regain Control

How Addiction Coaching Has Helped Australians Regain Control

Addiction Coaching Australia has helped many Australians work towards overcoming their long-term struggle with addiction and substance abuse.

Every one of our clients has had significantly different journeys and has reached out to ACAU to achieve their goal of regaining control of their life and choices.

Tailored coaching experiences

“Conrad’s knowledge of the source and cause of addiction, his level of care, sense of fairness […] and a true desire to see me succeed meant when we talked I started to gain confidence, learn ways to cope with self-doubt, and manage my fear.”

-Peter, Melbourne

Addiction Coaching Australia’s tailored Delta Path Program is designed to help everyone on the path to success, with a framework based around communication, transparency, and accountability.

The Delta Path program has already helped people around Australia overcome their addictions, with an empathetic team with lived experience offering personalised service to people with a range of struggles, roadblocks, and more.

An alternative to inpatient rehabilitation

“I have been in and out of detoxes and rehabs on and off for the last 20 years and after many relapses and overdoses, I knew I needed a different approach.”

– Kath, Sydney

Inpatient rehabilitation, one of the most common forms of addiction treatment, is based on formulas and processes that have gone largely unchanged in recent decades, often struggling to adapt to new methods of support and recovery.

Addiction Coaching Australia’s program allows you to work towards recovery while remaining in your own routine and home, offering the support and resources many need without requiring significant disruption to your career, relationships, and commitments. 

ACAU’s support services also offer additional support to those looking for help easing back into ‘real life’ following time in an inpatient rehabilitation centre – many people struggle with the abrupt change of environment and accountability, and ACAU offers trained support, ongoing communication, and an essential lifeline.

Judgement-free support and community

“[ACAU] know what works, they understand that [recovery] isn’t easy, and most importantly there is no judgement.  

It worked for me and many others that I now call my friends – this service gives you a better chance to get your life together.”

Peter, Melbourne

Addiction Coaching Australia was founded following founder Conrad’s personal experience with addiction treatment services in Australia as he worked towards his own recovery.

This ensures that every client is treated with true empathy and understanding, helping ease the fear of being ‘looked down on’ that many people have when asking for help.

The Delta Path Program offers a host of supportive resources, including daily calls, accountability sessions, face-to-face coaching, community support and connections, and ongoing coaching to help you on the road to recovery.

Change your life today

“Conrad went above and beyond and I can’t recommend him highly enough. I really thought I knew it all, but through the Delta Path, Conrad extended my focus to the previously unknown potential in my life.”

-Kyle, Brisbane

If you’re interested in joining a growing community of people around Australia who have changed their lives for the better with the help of Addiction Coaching Australia’s team and services, contact us today for a commitment-free chat about how to begin your journey to regain control and overcome addiction.

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