The Top 5 Apps for Health and Recovery

5 top apps

The Top 5 Apps for Health and Recovery

Technology is something I’ve really been embracing in my wellbeing and my recovery.

I’ve definitely changed my tune around this stuff. Being in active addiction with an amount of paranoia, I didn’t want to connect with technology – instead I wanted to do everything the old fashioned way, including journaling, so I could keep everything to myself.

I was a little scared about putting things where people could see them, but I don’t feel that way anymore. I feel comfortable with technology and I’ve really embraced it as a great aid and one of the things that helps me the most these days.

My top 5 app recommendations

I want share with you my top five applications for my health, happiness, wellbeing, and learning, and I’m also really interested to hear what you are using. It might be something different, something I haven’t heard about, so please feel free to share it with me.

#1: Mood Notes

The first one that I want to talk about is an application called mood notes, and I love this for journaling.

It’s got a little bit of cognitive-behavioural therapy in there, lots of great resources and learnings, and a bit of AI built into it. So it gives you responses and points you in the right direction dependent on your input.

It’s really, really good to connect with the way that you’re feeling in a positive and negative way. I love that it pays heed to negative emotions because they’re the ones that need addressing. So if you are feeling a certain way, there are things you can do to fix that.

#2: Strava

The second one that I love is for my health and fitness: Strava.

I’m a runner, which is a massive shift for me. When I was in active addiction, all I would think about was being a runner, constantly thinking about how I was going to run all these events and distances, which I was never able to do but now I can happily call myself a runner, and it’s one of my greatest passions.

I love the space that running creates for me. It’s different for meditation. It gives me time to process and I come up with great ideas and solutions when I’m running. For me, Strava is the best running app.

#3: Blinkist

Number three is Blinkist.

They take the best books in the world and consolidate them into eight or nine minute summaries, helping you get the key points and focus in a much faster way. I love learning, having a growth mindset, and learning the latest in psychology, nutrition, health, and mindset.

Blinkist is a great way for me to figure out what I actually want to read – there are so many books and so little time. I’ve got a list of 45+ books that I want to read, and blinkist allows me evaluate them and decide if the book can teach me something that I want to learn about.

#4: Audible

This leads me to the next app, Audible. I love audible because I spend lots of time in the car and I try to spend 90% of it learning, which makes Audible’s range of podcasts and books perfect for me so I can use that time in the car to learn and grow.

#5: Insight Timer

And finally, number five, which is my all time favourite – meditation app Insight Timer. It’s free and they have the best meditation teachers in the world.

I’m passionate about meditation and I’ve been doing it with my clients for a long time. I recently took the plunge and published my first meditation about addressing trauma, something that I’ve had to do with a lot of my participants.

If you download the free app you can search Conrad Tracey to find playlists of all the meditations that I like and listen to which might also help you.

I believe that these apps can be great tools to help you with your mental health and wellbeing – check them out, and If you want to chat with me about any of them just click this link: m.me/chatwithconrad

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